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The Protected Document Shredder is a software that can completely remove stubborn files. The secret file shredder can be well crushed for some software, such as unclean unloading, incomplete file deletion, virus proliferation, and other junk files.

1. Open the guard file shredder and select the file type to be shredded in the tool;

2. The compact file crusher is easy to install, simple to operate and fully functional. It can not only smash the remaining junk files, but also can encrypt and disguise important files to ensure the security of the files. Unique automatic usb backup protection function can encrypt the USB device to prevent data from being written. Hard disk protection can also hide and display hard disks and files.

3, confidential documents crusher features:

Supports encryption, hidden folders, and encrypted files.

Support setting software startup password: You need to enter the startup password to enter the main interface when running the software.

You can use the administrator password to decrypt the software administrator password. You can forget to encrypt, hide, and activate the password.

Supports encryption and decryption of files or folders through the right key. Supports direct drag and drop of files or folders to the encrypted folder master software interface for encryption, making it easier to operate.