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Hard disk data automatic backup software is a hard disk hanging computer data backup tool, easy to use, support for fast file backup, search and restore the corresponding file, there is a need for friends welcome to IT cat flutter download it. Great for your life and work.

Supports automatic splitting of backup files, allowing you to set the maximum capacity of split files

Support the function of customizing the backup file password, such as setting a password for backup usb vs nas (look here), you must enter the correct password to restore

Provide bootable disc production function, can use the disc boot, perform system restore

You can mount the backup file as a virtual hard disk to quickly browse and access the data in the backup file.

Provide 'Check Image File' function, check whether the backup file is complete without error

Back up, restore entire hard disk or single hard disk partition

Support Clone Disk full hard disk copy function (complete copy of hard disk A data to hard disk B)

Hard disk capacity up to 1.5 TB

Supports common FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS file systems

Supports most common IDE, SATA, SCSI, USB external hard disk and CD-ROM drives such as hard disk and Firewire

Small file recovery

Search and restore individual files from disk image backups.

File backup

Back up and restore individual files and folders, including files on network shares.

Bare metal recovery

Image backup can be easily restored to bare metal in minutes.

Easy and fast image backup

You can create a disk image backup or snapshot of the entire server to support bare metal recovery.

Exclude unused data blocks and files

Supports all major file systems, including MBR and GPT, BIOS and UEFI.